About Us

In 2017 Lindsay wanted to go on many hiking adventures, but didn't want to go alone. Her twin sister Melissa suggested that she create a Hiking Group (The Utah Babes Hiking Group) on Facebook so that she could invite other women to hike and never hike solo. Fast forward to present day, we have over 1,500 members and growing daily! Many friendships have been built because of this group. We all have a great love for the outdoors, seeking new adventures, and utilizing the hikes as nature therapy while taking care of our health through outdoor fitness.

When we hike, we love wearing hats, but it was a challenge finding the most comfortable hats to wear or some that fit our style. We collaborated together to create hat designs to share with the group when we go on hikes, and others who have the same passion for hiking + the outdoors. We want you to enjoy our hats as much as we do on your Mountain Adventures! 

We hope you enjoy our high quality, versatile hats designed in the USA, created from our hearts to yours!